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Material, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but sometimes wooden boards, installed on the exterior of wall studs, rafters, or roof trusses; siding or roofing installed on the sheathing, sometimes over strapping to create a rainscreen.
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sheathing, sheeting

diagonal wooden sheathing
1. The covering (usually wood boards, plywood, or wallboards) placed over exterior studding or rafters of a building; provides a base for the application of wall or roof cladding. Also see sheeting.
2. In colonial America, boards on the interior of a house that served as an interior surface finish.

sheeting, sheathing

horizontal sheeting
1. Members of wood, concrete, or steel (horizontal or vertical) used to hold up the face of an excavation. Also see closed sheeting, open sheeting.
2.See sheathing.
3. Boards which form the surface of concrete form-work.
4. Same as sheetpiling.
5. Any material in the form of sheets.
6. A rock structure in which there are numerous small closely spaced fractures.
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Exterior sheathing generates a lesser amount of carbon emissions as compared to other building materials.
To make comparisons of the impact of wall configurations (e.g., thickness of the steel sheathing and fastener spacing) on exceeding probability of the steel-sheathed CFSF buildings, samples are selected subjected to spectral accelerations of 0.5 g, 1.0 g, 1.5 g, and 2.0 g for the analyzed buildings.
Then a "sweet spot" WRB over plywood or OSB or gypsum sheathing (Figure 8).
The Zip System is such an improvement over standard home sheathing that it is the only exterior sheathing product to come with a best-in-class 30-Year Limited Warranty.
We have hung things off foam sheathing to figure out long-term creep performance (Photo 4).
Do not tape the plate over the sheathing wrap; slit the sheathing wrap above the fixture and slip the plate beneath.
1 ALIGN the plastic-sheathed cable with the notch that matches the wire gauge you're using--either 14/2 or 12/2--and squeeze down to cut the sheathing. Slide the sheathing off to expose the wires underneath.
TechShield radiant barrier sheathing is manufactured with a patented incising process that creates vapor channels for moisture to pass through, releasing moisture nearly as fast as standard roof sheathing (see chart below).
Sheathing area ratio classifies walls based on the area of openings and total length of structural full-height sheathing panels present.
"Innies" with the water and air control layer being the sheathing behind the continuous insulation.
Plywood and oriented strandboard (OSB) roof sheathing burned at essentially the same rates under fire tests conducted recently by the Phoenix Fire Department in cooperation with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
As builders tighten up their houses to face new energy codes, many are turning to rigid plastic exterior sheathing to beef up R-values.