Sheet Piling

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sheet piling

[′shēt ‚pīl·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
Closely spaced piles of wood, steel, or concrete driven vertically into the ground to obstruct lateral movement of earth or water, and often to form an integral part of the permanent structure.

Sheet Piling


a solid wall formed by wooden, reinforcedconcrete, or steel sheet piles driven into the ground. Sheet piling serves as a watertight barrier and prevents the ground from collapsing during the construction of hydraulic engineering installations, such as dams, embankments, lock chambers, docks, and cofferdams. It also provides a temporary enclosure for foundation areas or trenches. Very high sheet piling is equipped with stays, or steel braces, which are located in the upper part of the wall and are anchored in soil not subject to collapse. The piles are driven into the ground by pile drivers or by means of vibration drivers.

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Aarsleffs sheet piling works will allow a dry working area for J Murphy to construct the secant piling to the intake structure.
Sir Robert McAlpine is constructing the materials handling facility at the power plant and an anti-corrosion coating was needed for protection of the sheet piling in the new rail offload areas.
Demolition and earthwork, dyke construction, sheet piling work, road construction / surface mounting, landscaping Main building services without division into lots: - construction of all entrances to the construction area; - the creation of roads, operating and storage areas; - Above ground removal, temporary storage and reconstruction: 13 000 m 2 of multi zone seal, including: - supporting body 4 400 m 3 ; - sealing layer 3 700 m 3 ; Covering layer 1 900 m 3 ; - filter material 1 000 m 3 ; Geotextiles 3 400 m 2 ; - erosion protection mats 6 600 m 2 ; - sheet piling work on the dike body 2 450 m 2 sheet piles, L = 16 m.
Tenders are invited for High water damage removal (HWSB) Elbedeich left km 1,43-4,10; Earthworks, sheet piling, road construction
330 m 3 Loosen the soil excavation, remove; 250 m 3 Supply and install ground; 70 m 3 abort Old construction in the dry; 900 m 3 abort Old construction in the wet; 135 t steel sheet piles; 1 000 m Press aids, pilot holes; 1 146 m 2 Bohleneinbau Sheet piling wall; 280 m 3 in-situ concrete - underwater concrete; 900 m 2 formwork; 25 t Reinforcement steel; 700 m 3 in-situ concrete reinforced concrete C 35/45; 70 m sheet pile cover; 80 m scuba diving with diving aid; 1 000 m 2 skimming / building underwater building blocks; 80 m Cleaning cover plates; 70 m 2 slope under berm, granite delivery; 150 m 2 cleaning limestone, graffiti blasting; 150 m 2 embankment, limestone dismantling.
The AP shall be designed for all performance levels (E for interurban and suburban railway, sheet piling, including internal grounding) for construction stages 2 to 7 and the final condition up to the equality of the tested design plan.
Contract notice: Operation and administration building amperverband in olching excavation paving bored pile wall and sheet piling.
Scope of supply is the first construction site facility with construction block shut-off, construction site site direction as well as the excavation protection by means of sheet pile wall, in a part by a bored pile wall: Sheet piling and dismantling approx.
work includes construction of steel sheet piling, stop log assembly, minor dredging, earthwork and rip rap installation, along with minor removal of existing dam wooden structure.
Steel sheet pilings, said the BOC are mainly used as ground support in building construction while stainless steel sheets have more uses aside from construction such as in machinery and vehicle manufacturing, container manufacturing and shipbuilding and bridge construction.
is designed for SMC and pultrusion applications such as automotive pickup boxes, personal watercraft hulls and decks, hockey sticks, utility enclosures, manhole covers, utility pole cross-arms, and sheet pilings for seawalls.