Shellfish Gathering

Shellfish Gathering (Shiohi-gari)

April 4
April 4 is approximately the date on which the tide is usually at its lowest in Japan. Families dress in brightly colored clothing and gather in coastal areas where the shellfish are known to be plentiful. They go out in boats decorated with red and white bunting and wait until the tide goes out and strands them on the bottom. Then they dig for clams, which they often cook and eat on the spot for lunch. Fishermen living nearby are more than willing to supplement their efforts, selling clams from their own stock to those whose digging has been unsuccessful. Most people buy a bag of shellfish to take home as well. The maritime police are usually kept busy rescuing those who go out too far and are caught by the incoming tide.
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The artisanal fisherwomen/shellfish gatherers that are the focus of this study, primarily sustain their families through fishing and shellfish gathering, and good physical condition is fundamental in carrying out these activities due to the style and manner in which the work is performed.
The case involved illegal shellfish gathering following a joint investigation by the Gangmaster's Licensing Authority and North Wales Police.
Food safety officials from Swansea council issued a Notice of Temporary Closure of Production Areas, which will close Swansea Bay for shellfish gathering from Mumbles Head to the eastern breakwater at Swansea Docks.
GLA was set up to curb the exploitation of workers in the agricultural, horticultural, shellfish gathering and associated processing and packing industries.
NAHA, Japan - Two local men who went shellfish gathering died in Yomitan village in Okinawa Prefecture on Wednesday after being stranded on offshore rocks, while another who was also gathering shellfish on a beach in Onna village in the same prefecture was found dead in the sea, police said.
The Gangmaster regulations apply to any firm operating in the agriculture, horticulture, shellfish gathering and associated processing and packaging industries.
It recently became one of the first recruitment firms in Birmingham to be awarded a gangmaster licence - introduced by the Government to try and halt the exploitation of workers in agriculture, horticulture, shellfish gathering and associated processing and packaging industries.
Russell says food remains found on the site indicate the Indians lived by fishing, shellfish gathering, and hunting.
It applies to gang masters supplying or using workers involved in shellfish gathering and agricultural activities.
They include restricting the proposals to gangs supplied or used in agriculture, horticulture, shellfish gathering and related areas, covering 3,000 gangmasters and 100,000 workers.
The Department of Agriculture shellfish specialist and Department of Environmental Quality did not require the city to close the bay to shellfish gathering because it had already been shut down due to recent heavy rains, city officials said.
For several decades the size of the fishery allowed all tribes to freely exercise their fishing and shellfish gathering rights in the same manner as they had before the time of the treaty.