Shenandoah valley

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Shenandoah valley,

part of the Great Valley of the Appalachians, c.150 mi (240 km) long, N Va., located between the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny mts. The valley is divided into two parts by Massanutten Mt., a ridge c.45 mi (70 km) long and c.3,000 ft (915 m) high. The Shenandoah River, c.150 mi (240 km) long, rises in two forks on either side of the ridge, uniting near Front Royal, Va., and flowing northeast to enter the Potomac at Harpers Ferry, W.Va. The Shenandoah valley was first explored in the early 1700s. The valley was an important corridor in the westward pioneer movement, and it became a rich agricultural area with farm-land, orchards, and pastures. During the Civil War, the valley was the ideal avenue of approach for the Southern invasion of the North, and it served as one of the Confederates' principal storehouses. Shenandoah figured in the "valley campaign" of Stonewall JacksonJackson, Stonewall
(Thomas Jonathan Jackson), 1824–63, Confederate general, b. Clarksburg, Va. (now W.Va.), grad. West Point, 1846. Like a Stone Wall
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 in 1862; Lee retreated through the valley after being checked in the Antietam campaign (1862) and the Gettysburg campaign (1863). By early 1865, the valley was completely lost to the South. The principal cities are Winchester, Front Royal, Staunton, and Waynesboro. The many recreational areas include Shenandoah National ParkShenandoah National Park,
198,081 acres (80,195 hectares), N Va., extending 80 mi (129 km) along the crest of the Blue Ridge. Authorized in 1926, it was fully established as a national park in 1935. Skyline Drive, a north-south highway, winds for 105 mi (169 km) through the park.
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, in the surrounding uplands; there also are several notable tourist caverns.
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After the transaction closes in April, First Bank is expected to be the largest bank headquartered in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with 16 branches and more than USD 750m in total assets.
At issue is a May 10 complaint in which DOJ's Antitrust Division alleges that George's acquisition of Tyson Foods' Harrisonburg chicken processing complex reduces competition for chicken growers in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
Lee's approval of using Jackson (who was coming off a series of failures) for the Shenandoah Valley campaign is key to all that follows.
Shenandoah Valley Beef has attracted the interest of 32 cattle producers and a commitment of about 1,500 head of cattle.
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through September, and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, Virginia, from August to next October.
The research team will then travel to Roanoke, VA, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Baltimore, MD, parking the van in various locations to measure carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and organic compounds, and airborne particles.
When one is injured, three forge ahead, riding through Confederate lines, staying in wartime Richmond, Virginia, falling in love, and finally escaping back to Union territory in the Shenandoah Valley.
But an outbreak of low pathogenic bird flu that swept Virginia's Shenandoah Valley in 2002, killing millions of birds and causing millions of dollars of economic damage, prompted an ongoing crisis management program that should leave the industry better prepared should an epidemic recur, said Hobey Bauhan, president of the
The Coors Shenandoah Valley plant packages about 40% of the beer brewed in Golden.
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