Shergin, Boris

Shergin, Boris Viktorovich


Born July 16 (28), 1896, in Arkhangel’sk; died Oct. 31, 1973, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer and folklorist.

Shergin grew up in a family of seafarers and shipbuilders. He graduated from the Stroganov Industrial Arts School in 1917. His first short stories were published in 1915. Shergin’s books include Near the City of Arkhangel’sk, Near the Ship’s Refuge (1924), Arkhangel’sk Stories (1936), By Rivers of Song (1939), and The Ocean Is a Russian Sea (1959). These works brilliantly reflect the beauty of the Russian North, the pride and bravery of its people, and the richness of the Russian language.

Shergin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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