Sheripov, Aslanbek

Sheripov, Aslanbek Dzhemaldinovich


Born 1897 in Groznyi; died Sept. 11, 1919, in the village of Vozdvizhenskoe, Terek Oblast. Participant in the struggle for Soviet power in the Northern Caucasus. Chechen by nationality. Member of the Communist Party from 1919.

Sheripov formed the first soviet in Chechnia. He was a delegate to the Second through Fifth Terek Oblast People’s Congresses and a member of the Terek People’s Soviet. Sheripov was commander of the Chechen Red Army; from August to November 1918 he helped lead the 100-day defense of Groznyi against the White Guards. After the White Guards seized the Northern Caucasus, he and N. F. Gikalo formed a rebel detachment that attacked the rear of Denikin’s forces. Sheripov was killed in a battle with a punitive expedition mounted by Denikin’s forces.