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[Arab., shiat Ali,=the party of Ali], the second largest branch of Islam, Shiites currently account for 10%–15% of all Muslims. Shiite Islam originated as a political movement supporting Ali (cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam) as the
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This speech by Khamenei in 1991 epitomizes Iran's approach to Pakistani Shiites: "Comments at a meetings with Pakistani Shia," http://farsi.
The attack took place during a gathering to mark the anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, a leader of the Shia Hazara minority.
Almost 80 85 percent of Pakistan's Muslim population is Sunni while the Shias comprise 10 to 20 percent.
Islamic Shia ideology, as propagated by revolutionary Iranian leaders was being misused by US and big powers and misapplied in totally un-Islamic ways.
The recruits for the brigade are largely drawn from Shia Hazaras originally from Balochistan and the Shias of Parachinar and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
Since bigtime filmmaking is a billion-dollar business that must run like clockwork to make a hefty profit, Shia was summarily dropped like a very hot and unsavory potato, and left to grumpily play the blame game-with himself.
Allama Ahmed Iqbal, who is deputy general secretary of the MWM, offered himself up for the arrest as part of the movement being used to protest the disappearance of a large number of Shia persons.
Since 2011, the small town of 30,000 has served as the epicenter of anti-regime rallies, with the protesters calling for an end to the kingdom's discriminatory policies against the country's Shia minority.
However, Muqtada is not merely the scion of a famed Shia clerical family.
Filing an affidavit, the Shia Waqf Board said proximity of places of worship "should be avoided inasmuch as both denominations using loudspeakers tend to disturb religious performance of each other, often leading to conflicts and acrimony in the two factions".
Saudi Military Bulldoze Old Town of Mosowara, Sparking Tensions Against Shia Minority
They have a duty to take effective measures to protect Shia Muslims from attacks and end impunity for previous abuses against the Shia community," Patel added.