audio cable

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audio cable

A cable used to transfer analog or digital signals from an audio source to an amplifier or powered speaker. Cables are identified more by their plugs and sockets than by the shape or color of the wire that is used. See analog audio and audio connections.

Analog Mini-Phone (Headphone Cable)
Found on most every portable device that outputs analog audio, the 3.5 mm mini-phone socket (left) is just a small hole. In 2016, Apple was the first to eliminate this ubiquitous connection (see iPhone 7).

Analog and Digital Coax
Coaxial cables with RCA connectors are widely used for analog stereo as well as digital audio from cable boxes, Blu-ray/DVD players and other sources. See RCA connector.

Digital Optical Cable
The TOSLINK cable is used to provide an optical path from a cable box, Blu-ray/DVD player or other audio source to an amplifier. See TOSLINK.
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In a typical U/UTP cable, the PoE-related heat-up rises by a factor of 5 whereas in a shielded cable it ranges from a factor of 2.
Meeting TIA and ISO performance requirements for shielded class EA/category 6A, this robust shielded cable is ideal for extending network access to outdoor satellite facilities such as temporary classrooms, offices or trailers in a campus environment and for supporting a wide range of outdoor devices such as cameras, wireless access points, point-of-sale kiosks, access control devices and emergency call boxes.
11ac has a dual-edged requirement for cabling uplinks to be ready to support greater than 1 Gb/s throughput and Type 2 remote powering for optimum performance--this application demands a properly designed and deployed cabling architecture that uses thermally stable shielded cable of category 6A or higher.
combine a twinaxial shielded cable construction with robust die-cast housing
Another advantage of a CAT 6A shielded cable is its smaller diameter as compared to CAT 6A UTP cable.
Then the SPICE model for shielded cable has also been developed [16] and has been applied in the EMT approach, which has been validated against the experiment [17].
Shielded cable is often used to ensure signals are not affected by resulting electro-motive interference that can occur in miniature electronics.
A shielded cable makes the sensors suitable for use on turbines which typically generate electrical noise.
Category 7a utilizes fully shielded cable, known as S/FTP, in which each individual pair is wrapped with a foil shield, along with an overall shield around all four pairs.
With a shielded enclosure, the choice is whether to use a shielded cable, a filter, or rarely both.
Omega's 24-gauge, aluminum-polyester shielded cable comes with 2, 4, 8, or 15 conductors.
The 24-gage, aluminum-polyester shielded cable comes in two, four, eight or 15 conductors, features PVC insulation and a PVC outer jacket that makes the product suitable for low- and high-level voltage signals.