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see XigazêXigazê
or Shigatse
, town, S central Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is in the center of a small, heavily populated alluvial plain near the Yarlung Zangbo (Brahmaputra) River.
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, China.
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(also Jihk’atse), a city in China, in the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Situated in the valley of the Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) River, at an elevation of more than 3,800 m. Population, approximately 20,000. Shigatse, a highway junction, is the center of a fanning region. The city’s cottage industries produce pottery and textiles.

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'Once China brings its rail network up to Shigatse and then Kyirong in Tibet, it should be easy to extend it to Nepal.
Soon, about 20,000 additional PLA troops came to central Tibet and occupied the principal cities of Ruthok and Gartok, and then Gyangtse and Shigatse. With this, the military control of Tibet was virtually complete.
Samuel Turner, who visited Shigatse in 1783, and reported that "a very small quantity of specie, and that of a base standard, is current in Tibet.
If a more western route along the Gnammtsho were followed through Tibet, one would have reached the Rtsajspo at Shigatse in Myaj.
Also Bogle, the first British to reach Shigatse in 1774, does not mention brick tea, however, he describes the preparation of butter tea (Markham, 1971).
The grand Shigatse dzong of the 17th century to the right, once the most impressive governmental fortress in Tibet and completely destroyed during the "Cultural Revolution" is presently under complete(!) reconstruction (October 2006).
Presently he was asked to go back to the Shigatse area where the remnants of the rebellious Chinese soldiery were creating trouble.
During the ongoing two sessions, legislators from Tibet suggested that the region should keep opening up, simultaneously and vigorously promoting the development of Lhasa and Shigatse.
Dr Jagou raises the question of whether the trial was held in Lhasa, as would be presumed to the severity of the affair, or Shigatse. If Lhasa, it is unlikely to escaped the attention of the Amban, and his failure to report the affair is difficult to explain.
The pillow lava originates from the pillow basaltic lava in the mid-ocean spreading ridge, including basalt and spilite, and there is a lava geo-heritage located in the joint area of three villages: Qunrang, Gangta and Duigang of Jiacuosong Township, Sangzhuyi District, Shigatse City, Tibet, China.
The railway link will connect Kathmandu with Shigatse, a Tibetan city.