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TOKYO, Jan 16, 2018 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and The Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, a regional newspaper in Japan, today announced that they have created an artificial intelligence-based automated article summarization system.
Bridges over the Shinano River in Niigata disappeared into muddy water in the middle, while trees and telephone polls were seen fallen.
He has held positions as VP of finance and operations and controller for companies such as Pacific National Group and Shinano Kenshi Corporation, respectively.
Read2Go is a new accessible e-book application developed by Benetech in partnership with Shinano Kenshi Company, the developer of PLEXTALK digital Talking Book players.
The transport ministry's Hokuriku regional development bureau informed JR East of the revocation plan as the Shinanogawa power plant had tampered with a water intake measuring program, in violation of the river law, so as to draw a total of around 310 million cubic meters of water in excess of the quota between 2002 and 2008 from the Shinano River, according to the ministry.
The Shinano region, in present day Nagano prefecture, has provided a rich trove of materials for the study of nineteenth century Japan.
The stolen rods are all float rods from brands Preston, Shinano, Daiwa, Shakespeare and Map.
This Japanese war history recreates the five battles fought between the samurai clans of Takeda and Uesugi on a field that marked the border between their territories of Shinano and Echigo.
Prior to installation, Shinano dips the coils in two varnish coats and sprays them with anti-rust and anti-fungal coatings.
Sanyo Semiconductor--a Calimetrics, investor--is making the ASIC; Shinano Kenshi Co.
Presiding Judge Koichi Shinano said the court will later decide whether to instruct Mori's party to submit his fingerprints and to tell police to identify them.
The company is privately owned by its parent corporation, Shinano Kenshi of Japan, a developer and manufacturer of advanced technology hardware and precision electronic equipment.