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(both: shē`rā), river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, flowing from the southern end of Lake Nyasa, Malawi, SE Africa, to the Zambezi River in central Mozambique. It is navigable to Nsanje. The upper Shire has been developed for irrigation and power production. Cotton is raised in the valley.



(also Chire), a river in eastern Africa, in Malawi and Mozambique; a left tributary of the Zambezi. The Shire, which originates in Lake Nyasa, is 400 km long and drains an area of 32,000 sq km. As the river descends from the Shire Highlands to the low-lying valley of the Zambezi, it forms rapids and waterfalls, including Murchison Falls. Water levels are highest from November through April. The Shire is navigable below Murchison Falls. There are two hydroelectric power plants on the river—one at Nkula Falls (opened 1966; 24 megawatts) and one at Tedzani Falls (opened 1973; 16 megawatts).



the oldest breed of heavy draft horse. The breed was developed in Great Britain by improving small local heavy war horses (the medieval Great Horse) and then crossing them with Belgian heavy draft horses. In the 19th century the breed was exported to many countries in Europe, including Russia, and to North and South America. The Shire horse has a massive trunk, a long hook-nosed head, and a broad chest, back, and croup. The coloration is bay, dark bay, black, gray, or red dun with white markings. The average stallion stands 165–175 cm high at the withers; the circumference of the chest is 210–250 cm, and that of the front cannon bone, 28–30 cm. The load-pulling capacity is 18–20 tons and more.

In the USSR the Shire horse was used to develop the Vladimir heavy draft horse.


Rukovodstvo po razvedeniiu zhivotnykh, vol. 3, book 1. Moscow, 1965. (Translated from German.)


1. one of the British counties
2. (in Australia) a rural district having its own local council
3. See shire horse
4. the Midland counties of England, esp Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, famous for hunting, etc.
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Two times national champion, Cotebrook Loch Anna was crowned Supreme Champion Shire of the show, making it a hat-trick of Nantwich Show titles after success as Supreme Champion in 2016 and 2017.
Mojo took top honours in the in-hand gelding category at the National Shire Horse Show, which saw 30 animals compete to be named the best.
When The Livestock Conservancy decided to attend the first annual Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, North Carolina, they contacted me to see whether I wanted to bring my heritage breed, the Shire. Without hesitation, I agreed to fill three stalls.
The Bodelwyddan Castle event, on Sunday, August 30, will have one of the largest gatherings of Shire and other heavy horse breeds in Britain.
THE little and large of the equine world stood shoulder to shoulder at the North Wales Shire Horse Society's 33rd annual open day.
Shires estimates that 40 to 50 percent of the stock made in the Hopedale factory is exported to dealers around the United States and in Australia, Germany, and Japan.
Pam, of Magdale, Honley, has always loved Shires, but became smitten with the breed when she visited the Lakeland Heavy Horse Centre with Michael four years ago.
MAKING their first public appearance at Aberystwyth Show last weekend were the very rare twin fillies produced two months ago by the sevenyear-old black Shire mare, Penlan Ceri Rose, owned by Jason and Helen Harries.
The council areas are: Burdekin Shire, Burke Shire, Carpentaria Shire, Cook Shire, Charters Towers Regional, Cloncurry Shire, Croydon Shire, Douglas Shire, Etheridge Shire, Flinders Shire, Hinchinbrook Shire, McKinlay Shire, Palm Island Aboriginal Shire, Richmond Shire, Townsville City, Torres Shire, Torres Strait Island Regional Council and Winton Shire.
Mr Griffith, of Llys Farm, Brynrefail, was awarded the Sir Peter Crossman long service award at the recent National Shire Horse Spring Show, Peterborough.
At 18hh, he is a hand taller than most Shire colts of his age - and he still has a lot of growing to do.
"These shires will then be trained for eventual work on small farms, and in the forestry industry."