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, officially Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, republic (2015 est. pop. 99,873,000), 471,776 sq mi (1,221,900 sq km), NE Africa. It borders on Eritrea in the north, on Djibouti in the northeast, on Somalia in the east and southeast, on Kenya in the south, and on
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<<Sobrevivientes de la Shoa en Argentina y su contribucion a la conformacion de la memoria colectiva>>.
1997, 2003, 2004), we have identified the relevant pathways for fluoride intake in 28 children 2-5 years of age living in two villages on the Wonji Shoa Sugar Estate (WSSE) in the Ethiopian Rift Valley.
Weinthal wants to see a clear diplomatic rift between Germany and Iran in the name of the Shoa and its memory.
Capillaria hepatica in small mammals collected from Shoa Province, Ethiopia.
True, the 20th century has seen other terrible acts of genocide, but they did not resemble the Shoa. Nazi Germany was unique in employing the instruments of a modern industrial society in order to eliminate helpless minorities in a prolonged, planned and highly organized process, with the participation of all the organs of the state.
Aan diegene wat sy taal bedreig, rig die spreker 'n laaste woord: "dink daaraan laksmanne van die shoa", waarsku die slotreel van 'n aangrypende bundel wat vir die poesieliefhebber 'n "heilige noodsaaklikheid" is.
Turning to the New Realists' paintings, there is small head of a young man by Nahem Shoa, who appears to be the goup's leading figure, which might be seen as being in the manner of Freud.
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