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Contemporary clinical practice of shock wave lithotripsy: A reevaluation of contraindications.
Treatment of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow with shock waves. Clin Orthop Relat Res.
Under such circumstances, the paper conducted researches on the most common one-way bifurcation pipeline and adopted the shock wave attenuation law under laboratory one-way bifurcation pipeline to simulate shock wave attenuation law under the practical one-way bifurcation pipeline.
The tester took liquid as storage medium to simulate the shock wave based on controlled hydraulic technology.
According to the company, the claimed methods of the patent use shock waves generated via plasma bubbles created with laser emitters.
where P is the peak pressure of the shock wave, Pa; [beta]is a complex integration, the value of which is 0.7 in water, dimensionless; [rho] is the water density, kg/[m.sup.3]; [tau] is the leading edge of the shock wave, s; T is the bottom width of the shock wave, s; w is the total energy of the discharge current per unit length of the discharge channel, J/m; k is the coefficient, dimensionless; C is the electric capacity, F; U is the voltage, kV; r is the spreading distance of the shock wave, m.
Across a shock wave, the static pressure, temperature, and gas density increases enormously.
When the sphere is kept stationary throughout its collision with the oncoming shock wave, the drag coefficient is directly deduced from the computed pressure distribution around the sphere.
In other words, we assume that the Riemann solution starting from the origin (0, 0) is always two shock waves. In this situation, we will construct the global solutions of the perturbed Riemann problem (1) and (2) case by case by investigating the wave interaction problems in detail.
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To study the perturbation of a shock wave in conservation laws with physical viscosity, Liu and Zeng obtain the detailed pointwise estimates of the solutions, and show that the solution converges to a translated shock profile.
She underwent SWL using 40 shock waves per minute with electrohydraulic shock wave lithotripter.