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Once the shoe last realized, the process of customization is started using an available technology.
Even though the amount of overall longitudinal curvature of a foot has been quantified, the exact mapping of the measure to the shoe last has not been understood.
Meb won the Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon wearing a custom Skechers GOrun racing shoe last month, and he's also provided SKECHERS with expert insight by testing and consulting on the design of Skechers GOrun as well as other high-performance product currently in development.
One by one, he fished the nails with his pliers, and proceeded to hammer the aubergine leather insole to the shoe last.
Dalglish, who signed Suarez in his second spell as Anfield boss, presented Suarez with the Golden Shoe last night, awarded to the player with the most league goals in Europe.
However, he has responded well to treatment over the past few weeks and Wesley Yates believes his return to Richards' Cumbria stable is imminent following the fitting of a final special shoe last week.
My now antique shoe last is not exactly a work of art and despite being lovingly washed and oiled I really don't know where to put it now.
I won the Golden Shoe last season and know how difficult it was.
Celtic are a team of great tradition and we know Henrik Larsson, having won the Golden Shoe last season, will be an opponent who could be very dangerous to Juventus.
Police hunting the killer of eight-year-old Sarah Payne were examining a shoe last night which they believe belonged to the murdered schoolgirl.