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bricks and mortar

A physical store, office or branch that customers walk into during business hours. Contrast with e-commerce. See clicks and mortar and bricks clicks and flips.

online store

A website that offers items for sale and accepts credit cards. An online store for downloading apps to a smartphone or computer is an "app store" (see online app store). Contrast with e-commerce. See shopping cart, virtual bank, bricks and clicks, cybermall and e-commerce.

shopping community

A website that caters to a particular genre such as vintage clothing or memorabilia. A shopping community such as Etsy or Shopcade provides a venue for both buyers and sellers. See social shopping.
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What does it mean when you dream about shopping?

All of us shop, so a dream about shopping can simply be a reflection of our everyday lives. It can also mean that we are seeking something, or it might be an allusion to an idiom like “shop talk” or “like a bull in a china shop.”

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For most of us shopping is not simply a necessity but a favorite pastime. It is a source of pain, pleasure, recreation, and, at times, “quality time” with family or friends. Depending on the details in the dream and its emotional background, dreaming about going shopping may have several different connotations. Generally, if shopping in your dream is not a source of great stress and confusion, it suggests that those things which you need are available to you. Your environment may have readily available emotional, psychological, spiritual, or physical support. However, you may need to learn exactly where to look, how to select what you need, and when to make a wise investment. This dream calls upon you to know yourself. Before you can ask for or get what you need, you first need to accurately identify it.
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Another shop owner who sells electronic appliances alleged under the request of anonymity that the CEO of Sovanna Shopping Center said it would only close temporarily.
Industry officials said the failure came amid overseas consumers' rapid transition to mobile shopping.
A family while shopping said, the eager shoppers were roaming various markets and trying to purchase best items and gifts either for themselves or for their family members, friend and relatives.
"The shopping centre will have a completely new look," said O#269ovan.Austrian Immofinanz has owned Polus since 2006 when it acquired it from its developer TriGranit Corporation for more than euro200 million.
The internet has moved from a more limited option for holiday shopping to one of the more common ones in the past 20 years, and has allowed those who prefer to avoid crowded stores, full parking lots and freezing temperatures the option to do so.
The research demonstrates that shopping centres are evolving to keep pace with consumer needs to make better use of leisure time under one roof: dining next to shops next to cinemas is what shoppers expect and the market is changing accordingly.
To attract customers, most of the shopping markets have artistically been decorated and illuminated with colourful lights and buntings looking festive look during night.
Co-founder Loaye Agabani said: "People really do want to visit their local shops but also want the convenience and flexibility of internet shopping. The site offers small independent shops an online presence.''
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, some 20,000 children are injured in shopping carts each year.
"We think our shops have brought some diversity to the shopping experience."
[bar] F you live in the areas of Aigburth or Wavertree, shopping locally makes sense as there's a huge range of shopping options available.
We have a massive concrete shopping complex plus two large supermarkets.