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(shəshō`nē), Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Shoshonean group of the Uto-Aztecan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock (see Native American languagesNative American languages,
languages of the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere and their descendants. A number of the Native American languages that were spoken at the time of the European arrival in the New World in the late 15th cent.
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). In the early 19th cent. the Shoshone occupied SE California, NW Utah, SW Montana, W Wyoming, S Idaho, and NE Nevada. The Shoshone were traditionally divided into four groups: the ComancheComanche
, Native North Americans belonging to the Shoshonean group of the Uto-Aztecan branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They originated from a Basin-type culture and eventually adopted a Plains culture.
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 of W Texas, a historically recent subdivision of the Wind River Shoshone of Wyoming; the Northern Shoshone of Idaho and Utah, who had horses and ranged across the Great Plains in search of buffalo; the Western Shoshone, who did not use horses and subsisted mainly on nuts and other wild vegetation; and the Wind River Shoshone of Wyoming. Today the Shoshone live on reservations in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. In 1990 there were some 9,500 Shoshone in the United States.


See V. C. Trenholm and M. Carley, The Shoshonis, Sentinels of the Rockies (1964); E. Dorn, The Shoshoneans (1966); J. G. Jorgensen, The Sun Dance Religion (1972).



a mountain range in the Great Basin region of the USA, in the state of Nevada. The Shoshone Mountains stretch from north to south along the Reese River, which is situated in the closed basin of the Humboldt River. They measure approximately 250 km in length and rise to a maximum elevation of 3,143 m at North Shoshone Peak. The range is composed primarily of metamorphic rocks. Vegetation includes sparse mountain forests of pine and juniper, as well as shrubs.

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We've had native students make movies in the language and we had one student publish a book of Shoshone poetry," he says.
It's not about the amount of radioactivity that would permeate the groundwater, the Western Shoshone said.
americanus, which must overwinter as larvae, while low snow pack would decrease water depth and make a marginal pond more likely for dominance by Diaptomus shoshone, which overwinter as encysted eggs.
Fast-forward 110 years: the Danns are grazing their cattle and horses on the open ranges of the Western Shoshone nation, and the BLM says they and their livestock are "trespassing" and "degrading the land" A year later the Danns are being sued by the United States and are told that the Western Shoshone lost their land to what the U.
In part one, Smoak argues that Newe people, as the Shoshone and Bannock called themselves, originally did not have a band or tribal identity, but rather "a fluid and intricate network of kinship ties and extensive intergroup migration" (20).
Western Shoshone Indian leader Carrie Dann filed a lawsuit, saying: "We all need to stand up and say, 'Hell no, we don't want this stuff around here.
At four of the eight sites, Shoshone was compared to Remont sainfoin, developed by Montana State University, which had previously performed well in Wyoming and Montana trials.
There they were received as outsiders by the Shoshone and Bannock peoples.
From grammar school on, we all learned that Sacagawea, the teenage Shoshone girl, served as the guide for Lewis and Clark, that she led the intrepid Americans across the continent.
The scent of sage and the pounding hooves of abundant wild game are a memory to the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Shoshone Indians in Utah, an hour from Salt Lake City.
They cross the rushing, boot-high South Fork Shoshone River and head up into the Absaroka Range and enjoy the creeks that are plentiful in the area.
WALLACE, Idaho - Two snowboarders from Gonzaga University in Spokane were killed in an avalanche while snowboarding south of Mullan, Idaho, the Shoshone County sheriff's office said.