A process of conveying mortar or concrete through a hose at high velocity onto a surface; the material bonds tenaciously to a properly prepared concrete surface and to a number of other materials.



a method in concrete work in which the concrete mix is applied in layers under the pressure of compressed air.

Shotcreting is done with a special unit, which consists of a mortar gun or concrete sprayer and a compressor. A dry mix of cement and aggregate, usually sand, is prepared for shotcreting. The compressed air forces the mix through a hose to the nozzle, moistens it with water supplied through another hose, and then projects it at high velocity (130–170 m/sec) onto the surface being shotcreted. A single shotcrete layer is 10–15 mm thick and has high mechanical strength (40–70 meganewtons per sq m), density, watertightness, and cold resistance. A distinction is made between dry-mix shotcrete, which has an aggregate particle size of up to 10 mm, and wet-mix shotcrete, for which the size is up to 25 mm.

Shotcreting is used in building thin-walled reinforced-concrete structural components, such as shells, vaults, and tanks, and in producing the lining in tunnels. It is also used for hydraulic insulation, for finishing the joints of reinforced-concrete structural components, and for repair and strengthening of concrete and reinforced-concrete components and articles.


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Tenders are invited for Treatment of detached and cracked shotcrete in various Galleries of Power House BHEP I Chanderkote by way of fibre Shotcreting.
From being a niche system even 20 or 30 years ago, shotcreting has developed to be one of the most important rock-support methods available to the mining and tunneling industries.
Concrete specialist Putzmeister will add to its range of underground concrete equipment at Bauma 2016 by unveiling its Wetkret 3 shotcreting equipment and Batchkret 20 underground batching plant.
Once the current phase involving the shotcreting duties of the compressors is completed, the two units will be transferred for operation at the joint venture's other major transport upgrade project at London's Victoria Station.
1 se muestra el diseno de refuerzo de acero obtenido de los calculos del estudio de investigacion, pero lo novedoso es el ensamblaje de este refuerzo en las operaciones de Shotcreting, como lo veremos en el diseno de la parte operativa.
Our sand gradation adheres to a very strict specification per ACI guidelines for wet process shotcreting.
This will help ensure that the rebar doesn't vibrate during shotcreting or guniting of the pool.
One way to increase your chances of getting a qualified shotcreting crew is if they have at least one member who has been certified as an ACI Certified Shotcrete Nozzleman.
The refractory castables are unique because any one of the individual products can be installed by pump casting, shotcreting, pouring or vibrating methods.
The material, equipment and personnel are the keys to guaranteeing high quality shotcreting.
Shotcreting is done per standards established by ACI 506-R85.
DICOM formerly used the dry-mix method for shotcreting, but switched to wet spraying with the Putzmeister systems because of the multiple advantages associated with this method, which are listed as: