Showers, Mary

Showers, Mary

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Mary Showers was a materialization medium who was born and grew up in Teignmouth, England. As a child she conversed with spirits. In the spring of 1872, she sat for the first time with her family’s circle and produced rappings and psychokinetic phenomena. She also produced direct writing.

In 1874, her mother took her to London to give séances for established Spiritualists. At these, coils of rope and tape would be placed in the cabinet. Showers would go into the cabinet and shortly after, when the curtains were drawn back, she was discovered tightly bound and with tape over her mouth. Showers’s spirit guide was a girl named Florence. She would materialize and was seen to be nearly eight inches taller than Showers.

On April 2, 1894, there was an attempt to expose Showers. At a séance held at the house of E. W. Cox, Serjeant-at-Law and well known psychical researcher, the materialization of Florence had just appeared issuing from the cabinet when Cox’s daughter, Mrs. Edwards, opened the curtains wider. The spirit resisted and there was a struggle. In the struggle the headdress fell off, revealing Mary Showers the medium. Cox decided that she had “unconsciously impersonated the spirit".


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