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What does it mean when you dream about a shrink?

If we dream about shrinking, perhaps the dream relates to our childhood. Alternatively, maybe we are “feeling small.” When other things shrink, it may be a representation that they are playing a smaller role in our life than formerly. We also sometimes refer to shy people as “shrinking violets,” and to psychiatrists as “shrinks.” (See also Little, Small).

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To meet the guidelines outlined by APR, the label has been developed to address the issue of shrink sleeve labels' impact on the recycling of PET containers.
found that shrink is down slightly in most countries.
com)-- The Clamco Dem 2 Combo Shrink System combines an L-bar sealer with a powerful shrink tunnel for fast and efficient packing, sealing and shrinking all in one robust, compact unit.
At every stage in the project, engineers from Link Systems have worked closely with their counterparts from R&R Ice Cream to deliver machines that not only offer outstanding performance--Matrix machines are the only compact collator/shrink wrappers that can achieve 30 shrink wrap cycles per minute--but also use significantly less energy than conventional machines.
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of Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, announces the availability of its Embrace copolyesters for shrink film, enabling European brand owners to deliver maximum shelf impact with 360[degrees] graphics, the company says.
2 : to curl up or move back in or as if in fear or pain shrink in horror <Just the thought of all this made Tom shrink back uncomfortably in his chair.
One problem we have begun to see more of with Pb-free soldering is the phenomenon known as shrink holes, or hot tears on Pb-free solder joints.
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