Shubert Brothers

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Shubert Brothers

(sho͞o`bərt), theatrical managers and producers. The brothers were Lee (1871–1953), Sam S. (1878–1905), and Jacob J. (1880–1963). Originally from Syracuse, N.Y., they began as managers of touring companies. In 1900 they became managers of the Herald Square Theatre, New York City, thereafter managing and building theaters in New York and other U.S. cities. At first known for their productions of operettas, they introduced many stars to the public and staged many of the best-known revuesrevue,
a stage presentation that originated in the early 19th cent. as a light, satirical commentary on current events. It was rapidly developed, particularly in England and the United States, into an amorphous musical entertainment, retaining a small amount of satire and
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. Hurt by the depression, the Shuberts produced musicals and dramas in the 1930s and 1940s. From 1953 until his retirement (c.1959), Jacob was the sole head of Shubert Enterprises, with offices in the Shubert Theatre (named for Sam, opened 1913) off the famous Shubert Alley in New York City. The Shubert Organization, now owned by the nonprofit Shubert Foundation, continues to play a major role in the Broadway theater, owning 17 theaters and actively producing new shows; it also manages Washington, D.C.'s National Theatre and has other theatrical interests nationwide.


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He discusses his time working for the Shubert family, his longtime partner Bernie Jacobs, and his experiences working with Broadway stars, directors, choreographers, and other theater professionals.
Schoenfeld quickly discovered that the Shubert family could hardly be less pleasant if it included Medea, Iago and the Tyrones of Long Day's Journey Into Night.
Following a period in the 1960s when the company struggled under Shubert family leadership, Schoenfeld and Jacobs unseated Lawrence Shubert Lawrence to take over as heads of the company in 1972.