Shuliachenko, Aleksei Romanovich

Shuliachenko, Aleksei Romanovich


Born Mar. 17 (29), 1841, in Ekaterinopol’, in what is now Zvenigorod Raion, Cherkassy Oblast; died May 29 (June 11), 1903, in St. Petersburg. Russian chemist.

Shuliachenko graduated from the Nikolai Engineering Academy in St. Petersburg in 1864. He taught first at the Engineering School and then at the Nikolai Engineering Academy, where he became a professor in 1880.

Shuliachenko’s research dealt primarily with the theory of the hardening of binders (hydraulic lime and portland cement) and the study of the causes for the breakdown of concrete in port installations and ways of preventing it. Shuliachenko was involved in developing the first technical standards in Russia for cement and the scientific nomenclature of binders. He was the first to propose and provide scientific evidence for the use of mixed (lime-cement) mortars for masonry. Shuliachenko was instrumental in the establishment of the Russian cement industry.


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