Shultz, George

Shultz, George (Pratt)

(1920–  ) economist, cabinet member; born in New York City. An economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1946–57) before going to the University of Chicago (1957–69), he served on employment task forces. President Nixon's secretary of labor (1969–70), he averted a national rail strike, later becoming secretary of the treasury (1973–74). President Reagan's secretary of state (1982–88), he championed arms control and was widely admired for his measured approach to foreign affairs.
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Shultz, George, William Perry, Henry Kissinger, and Sam Nunn.
I have attended his Gorbachev Foundation State of the World confabs and observed up close his relationships with titans of global industry, finance, politics, academe, and philanthropy: George Soros, Maurice Strong, Steven Rockefeller, Kofi Annan, Thabo Mbeki, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, James Baker, George Shultz, George H.W.
Too much praise has been lavished on George Shultz, George Bush and Ronald Reagan for the historic decision to open talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization.