Shumen District

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Shumen District


(formerly Kolarovgrad District), an administrative-territorial unit in northeastern Bulgaria. Area, 3,400 sq km. Population, 254,000 (1976). The capital is the city of Shumen. The district is located on a hilly plain north of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains).

The economy of Shumen District is predominantly industrial, with industry being concentrated primarily in the Shumen industrial region (the cities of Shumen, Novi Pazar, and Preslav). The main branches of industry are machine building, nonferrous metallurgy, food processing, and the production of glass, porcelain, and faience (in the cities of Novi Pazar and Kaspichan). More than half of the territory of Shumen District is under cultivation. The principal crops are grains, sugar beets (especially for seed), sunflowers, tobacco, and such fruits as grapes. Animal husbandry includes the raising of cattle and sheep. Agricultural production in Shumen District is concentrated at agroindustrial complexes.


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VSS Ethics Committee Chair Tsoni Tsonev voiced support for Batanova, saying that the "Borilski" case could not be used to determine her qualities for the post of administrative head of the Shumen District Court.
These are Kuklen and Plovdiv in the Plovdiv region, Madzharovo and Simeonovgrad in Haskovo and Varbitsa and Kaolinovo districts in Shumen district.
In an attempt to land, the aircraft was caught in an air current and it fell to the ground just meters away from the runway of the airport near the village of Gradishte, Shumen district.
The third magistrate is the former Chair of the Shumen District Court, Todor Todorov.