Shunbun-no-Hi (Vernal Equinox Day)

March 21
In Japan, where the Vernal Equinox is a national holiday, the entire week during which the equinox occurs is called Higan, which means "other shore." According to Buddhist belief, a river divides this world and the next; it is only by crossing the river, which entails resisting temptation's powerful currents, that one attains enlightenment.
The observance of Vernal Equinox Day began during the reign of seventh-century Prince Shotoku. It became a national holiday during the Meiji period. Visiting the family cemetery is a popular activity on this day, and people tend to regard it as a happy event. Although no meat is served during the week, o-hagi, soft rice balls covered with sweetened bean paste, are popular, as is rice and vegetables with a vinegar-based sauce. Shunbun-no-Hi is a day set aside to honor nature and to show respect for growing things.
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