Shuvalov, Pavel

Shuvalov, Pavel Andreevich


Born Nov. 13 (25), 1830, in St. Petersburg; died Apr. 7 (20), 1908, in Yalta. Russian military figure and diplomat. General of the infantry, adjutant general, member of the Council of State (1896). Count. Brother of Petr Andreevich Shuvalov.

Pavel Andreevich Shuvalov took part in the Crimean War and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78. He was chief of staff of the guard troops and the St. Petersburg Military District. From 1885 to 1894 he served as ambassador in Berlin and helped negotiate, in addition to the Reinsurance Treaty of 1887, the trade agreement of 1894, which put an end to the “customs war” between Russia and Germany. Shuvalov became governor-general of Warsaw in 1894 and retired in 1896.