tapa cloth

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tapa cloth:

see bark clothbark cloth,
primitive fabric made in tropical and subtropical countries from the soft inner bark of certain trees. It has been made and used in parts of Africa and India, the Malay Peninsula, Samoa, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Fiji Islands and perhaps reached its highest
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"Mae hi'n gret - bob tro fi'n teimlo'n isel, mae'n edrych mewn i fy llygaid i ac yn dweud wrtha i i siapo lan - mae'n hala fi deimlo lot gwell," meddai Meinir.
His unfortunate fate had his mother Luzviminda Siapo packing home from Kuwait where she worked as a domestic helper.
He gave a Mass for Raymart Siapo, the 19-year-old boy from Navotas, who was killed by 14 armed men after a neighbor accused him of peddling marijuana in front of barangay officials.
While the generic name for bark cloth is tapa, each Pacific people have specific names for their types of plain and decorated bark cloth; in Fiji, decorated bark cloth is called masi, in Tonga it is ngatu, kapa in Hawaii and siapo in Samoa.
In the painting on the right, a siapo (tapa cloth) inspired Samoan pattern is incised into thick, sepia-toned impasto paint.
She is thefaioa, the maker and provider of cultural wealth and valuables like ietoga or fine pandanus textiles and siapo or tapa that are extremely important and essential in the social and cultural life of Samoans.
The victors, who were represented by Jeremia Siapo, Irish Siwa and Marlon Mallari, clinched first place after registering the highest number of laps, 207, in the event.
Or the chief's wife with siapo (3) for her ma'I, (4)
On March 29, a group of masked men reportedly abducted and killed 19-year-old Raymart Siapo, a day after a neighbor with whom he had a heated argument, tagged him as a marijuana peddler in Barangay NBBS, Navotas City.