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see clanclan,
social group based on actual or alleged unilineal descent from a common ancestor. Such groups have been known in all parts of the world and include some that claim the parentage or special protection of an animal, plant, or other object (see totem).
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a term used in US ANTHROPOLOGY to refer to a body of people claiming common UNILINEAL DESCENT. The more common term is CLAN.



one of the offspring of the same parents, a brother or sister. The frequency of the appearance of a certain hereditary character (including hereditary disease) among sibs makes it possible to evaluate the type of inheritance involved and to predict the probability of the manifestation of the character in other offspring of the same mating or in animals during crossbreeding. The term “sib” is used in animal and human genetics.


(computer science)
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NZNO's president, Grant Brookes, is unequivocal in his opposition to SIBs.
Based on its assessment, the central bank is expected to declare the first set of five to six SIBs by August 2015, which will then be required to maintain higher capital buffers and exposed to stricter supervision, similar to international practice.
This Note contributes to the limited existing scholarship on SIBs by analogizing the problems facing private prisons to the potential problems facing the use of SIBs, thus providing government actors a roadmap of the challenges they will likely face in implementing SIBs.
Yet, since their recent inception, SIBs have not caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or other securities-regulating bodies.
The Peterborough scheme is too small to deliver substantial 'cashable' saving; the ability of the SIB model to deliver significant savings for government remains unproven.
That's basically what I wanted to do--to give young sibs a chance to meet their peers, talk about the good parts and not so good parts with others that get it, and to do it in a kid-friendly manner.
Abdul Wahed Al Fahim, Chairman of Nasdaq Dubai, said: SIBs listing underlines the close and mutually beneficial connections that the exchange enjoys with leading Islamic financial institutions.
If Josh sounds like your brother or sister, you know how tough a troubled sib can bc.