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(1) Copying files from a site on the Internet to the user's account in an online storage service, rather than downloading them to the user's computer.

(2) To install an application on a mobile device from an online marketplace that is not sanctioned by the device maker.

(3) Copying files from a computer to an SD card that is then inserted into a mobile device.

(4) Transferring data to a computer first and then from the computer to the mobile device.

(5) Copying an app from a computer to a mobile device rather than downloading it from the online store.
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Running on the nation's fastest third-generation (3G) network, the Invision is pre-loaded with more than just video features, including AT&T Mobile Music, which provides fast access to downloadable music from eMusic, sideloading compatibility from Napster To Go and any unrestricted MP3 audio files and streaming digital radio by XM Radio Mobile(2). content is delivered to users off-carrier by sideloading to cell phone or media player directly from a PC or Mac.
This process has been dubbed 'sideloading' and Mr John is convinced it enables phones to display video at four times the quality of entertainment sent over a 3G network.
While the sideloading outer frame of the MS&T container is constructed to meet a single, consistent ISO standard, the interior modules can be constructed in many different designs or configurations tailored to meet the needs of the user.
Intedyne HDD motors feature proprietary power sections and patented sealed bearing sections that deliver long service life and enable higher sideloading and build rates.
By moving product into a high-density rac layout serviced by a narrow-aisle, sideloading lift truc, Winco improved its handling capabilities and now saves time.
Clymer offers tapered columns that prevent the arm from deflecting into narrow aisles and interfering with the sideloading travel in the aisles when the rack is fully loaded.
There can be toploading or sideloading or any desired combination of the two, and each package can contain an assortment of product types by flavor or coating.
Computers are fast down loading, uploading, sideloading and, if the truth be told, freeloading.
The trucks listed above represent one-man sideloading refuse trucks, conventional rear loading refuse trucks, tandem rear axles, rear-mounted tag wheel configurations, trucks employing full-time hydraulic systems, underbody scrapers, bumper mounted patrol wings, fire engine pump trucks, and a fire fighting snorkel truck.
The firm's latest sideloading, all-wheeled die truck travels in all directions, including rotation about the center.