Siegbahn, Kai Manne

Siegbahn, Kai Manne


Born Apr. 20, 1918, in Lund. Swedish physicist. Son of K. M. G. Siegbahn.

K. M. Siegbahn graduated from the University of Uppsala in 1939 and was a staff member of the university from 1941 to 1943. Between 1944 and 1954 he was affiliated with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm; from 1951 he was a professor at the institute. He became a professor at the University of Uppsala in 1954.

Siegbahn’s principal works deal with nuclear and photoelec-tron spectroscopy. He developed precision techniques for the study of beta-ray spectra by means of magnetic spectrometers, including double-focusing spectrometers, high-transmission spectrometers for determining the upper limit of beta-ray spectra, and lens spectrometers. Siegbahn has also worked on electromagnetic methods of isotope separation and on the use of electron microscopy in chemical analysis.


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