Sierra County

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Sierra County, California

110 Courthouse Sq Rm 11
Downieville, CA 95936
Phone: (530) 289-3295
Fax: (530) 289-2830

On NE border of CA with NV; organized Apr 16, 1852 from Yuba County. Name Origin: Spanish 'mountain range,' for its location in the northern part of the Sierra Nevada

Area (sq mi):: 961.97 (land 953.38; water 8.59) Population per square mile: 3.60
Population 2005: 3,434 State rank: 57 Population change: 2000-20005 -3.40%; 1990-2000 7.10% Population 2000: 3,555 (White 90.30%; Black or African American 0.20%; Hispanic or Latino 6.00%; Asian 0.20%; Other 5.40%). Foreign born: 3.00%. Median age: 43.70
Income 2000: per capita $18,815; median household $35,827; Population below poverty level: 11.30% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $22,646-$22,533
Unemployment (2004): 9.90% Unemployment change (from 2000): 0.20% Median travel time to work: 29.00 minutes Working outside county of residence: 39.30%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Sierra County, New Mexico

100 N Date St
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
Phone: (505) 894-6215
Fax: (505) 894-9548

In west-central NM, northwest of Las Cruces; organized Apr 3, 1884 from Socorro County (prior to statehood). Name Origin: For the Sierra de los Caballos Range, Spanish 'saw' for the shape of the mountains, thus 'saw-toothed mountain of the horses.' The county may have been named for the Sierra family, whose members included Nicholas de la Sierra

Area (sq mi):: 4236.30 (land 4180.23; water 56.07) Population per square mile: 3.10
Population 2005: 12,815 State rank: 25 Population change: 2000-20005 -3.40%; 1990-2000 33.90% Population 2000: 13,270 (White 70.50%; Black or African American 0.50%; Hispanic or Latino 26.30%; Asian 0.20%; Other 12.40%). Foreign born: 6.60%. Median age: 48.90
Income 2000: per capita $15,023; median household $24,152; Population below poverty level: 20.90% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $17,168-$18,295
Unemployment (2004): 5.60% Unemployment change (from 2000): 1.80% Median travel time to work: 20.10 minutes Working outside county of residence: 9.30%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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There are about 3,000 residents in all of Sierra County. "We are under no over-population pressures," Russell said.
Amidst fir trees and pines, ranchland and the peaks of the Sierra Nevada range, sits California's scenic Sierra County. Located west of Reno, Nev., Sierra County's population of just over 3,200 makes it the next-to-lowest populated county in the nation's most populous state.
Spaceport America in Sierra County, the venture of entrepreneur Richard Branson that was supposed to lure both jobs and tourism dollars.
You could get better stroke care in San Francisco than you could in rural Sierra County a few hours away.
Mining company North Bay Resources (OTCQB:NBRI) disclosed on Thursday the sale of an aggregate of 2.1 ounces of the initial specimen gold produced from the Ruby Mine in Sierra County, California.
The largest percentage gain in median income for all counties was 4.5 percent, reported in Sierra County. For joint filed returns, the largest increase was in Mono County, with a 6.4 percent increase.
"The concept of a regional Web site," said Vickee Greer, also project co-coordinator and the bioterrorism/disaster coordinator for Sierra County Health and Human Services, "was driven by the necessity of maximizing rural public health resources."
This profile uniquely presents a variety of educational and socioeconomic information for Sierra County, nearby counties, and the state.
* Rio Grande silvery minnow (Hybognathus amarus), a small fish that formerly occurred throughout most of the Rio Grande but now survives only from Cochiti Dam in Sandoval County downstream to the headwaters of Elephant Butte Reservoir in Sierra County, New Mexico, on June 6;
For additional information, contact the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce (800/200-4949 or

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