Sierra de Córdoba

Córdoba, Sierra de


a pampean mountain range in Argentina. The Sierra de Córdoba, which measures approximately 500 km long, consists of three meridional mountain chains that rise to elevations of 1,000–2,200 m and are divided by longitudinal depressions. The range is formed mainly of crystalline and metamorphic rocks. Beryllium is mined at Las Tapias, and tungsten at Los Cóndores. The highest point is Cerro Champaquí (2,884 m). The slopes are covered with brush and cactus to elevations of 1,500–1,700 m and with shrub steppe at higher elevations. There are hydroelectric power plants at the sources of the Río Primero and Río Segundo. A tourist area, the Sierra de Córdoba has mountain climatic health resorts.

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