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The real birthplace of Vlad the Impaler in Sighisoara, Romania.


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Sighisoara was the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the historical Dracula. Sighisoara is a small town in south central Transylvania. A former Roman town, it was settled by Germans in 1150 C.E. Burned down by the Tartars in 1241, it emerged in the fifteenth century as one of the strongest fortified centers of Hungarian rule. In 1430, Vlad Dracul was sent there as commander of the guard and Vlad the Impaler was born (probably in 1430 or 1431) in the home in which Vlad Dracul resided. The family lived in the house until 1436, when Vlad Dracul became the prince of Wallachia and moved to Tirgoviste. That home survived the vicissitudes of time, and in 1976 it was designated a part of the Romanian national heritage. The restoration that followed uncovered frescoes decorating the walls—one of which is believed to picture Dracula.


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a city in central Rumania; located on the Tîr-nava Mare River in Mureş, District. Population, 30,900 (1974). Local industries produce textiles and clothing (approximately 50 percent of the city’s total industrial production), glass and porcelain (20 percent), food (17 percent), and machinery (11 percent). The city also has enterprises for the production of construction materials and wood products. Printing is also important. Sighişoara has been mentioned in documents since 1280. Architectural monuments include stone fortifications (13th-14th centuries) with gates and towers, including the Tower of the Clock (64 m high, 14th-17th centuries), the Gothic Monastary Church (13th—19th centuries), and the Church on the Hill (14th-15th centuries). There are also houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Morag has also been volunteering for three-month stretches at a time at the Christian ecumenical Veritas charity in the Romanian town of Sighisoara in Mures county, Transylvania, for 16 years.
In the Discover the Place Where You Feel Reborn campaign, national identity discourses are constructed by appealing to traditions (a man creating a traditional clay pot, the presence of the Romanian "evil fairies" known as "iele"), religion (painted monasteries, a nun playing the semantron), culture (Brancusi's Endless Column) and architecture (the medieval Sighisoara, Bran Castle).
Respondents (parents, caregivers or DS persons) were from different cities across the country: Bucuresti, Craiova, Bailesti, Slatina, Satu Mare, Arad, Oradea, Resita, Hunedoara, Vulcan, Targu Mures, Cluj, Medias, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Baia Mare, Botosani, Piatra Neamt, Bacau, Galati, Focsani, Campu Lung, Alexandria, enlisted in different association and General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection from those towns.
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Chris and Caroline Barrow (pictured inset), who run the Flying Ferret pub in Shelley, have been on around 40 trips to the Transylvanian city of Sighisoara, helping locals rebuild a school, a hospital and a children's home.
Describing how the "batty" festival plan was hatched on a family trip, Craig, from Rhoose, said: "We drove up to Transylvania and the medieval Sighisoara citadel, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site.