Signal Amplifier

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Signal Amplifier


a device used to increase the power of electric signals. Since the amplified signals are variations in time, or oscillations, of voltage or current, a signal amplifier is, essentially, an amplifier of electric oscillations.

Signal amplifiers may be divided into such classes as low-or high-frequency amplifiers, video amplifiers, and DC amplifiers. Signal amplifiers also include instrument amplifiers, which are used as components of such measurement apparatus as electronic voltmeters, oscilloscopes, potentiometers, and instruments that use bridges. An instrument amplifier makes possible increased sensitivity and accuracy in the measurement of both electrical and nonelectrical quantities. The primary requirement of such an amplifier—that it provide a fixed gain—is satisfied owing to its large amount of negative feedback. Moreover, in a number of instruments, such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes, the amplifier must ensure normal operation of the instrument over a wide frequency range that sometimes extends from zero to several gigahertz.


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A simple method of designing large signal amplifiers was presented and demonstrated on a 22 GHz PBT amplifier.
Cellular calls and mobile data gets fed through the signal amplifier back to the network.
Tabor's extensive product portfolio includes pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, signal amplifiers, waveform creation software and more, in various platforms, interfaces and frequency ranges.
Cirtek said its revenues were boosted by the successful introduction of new high-performance multichip packages used in high-power signal amplifiers for broadcast, telecom base stations, microwave and satellite communications.
Cellphone-Mate Inc., a provider of cellular amplifier technology, specializes in design and manufacturing of cell phone signal amplifiers and accessories.
The group experimented with different shapes and compositions of nanoparticles, and found that cubes with a gold center surrounded by a silver shell are not only able to show a chiral optical signal in the near-visible range, but even more striking, were effective signal amplifiers. For their test biomolecule, they used synthetic strands of DNA-a molecule they were familiar with using as "glue" for sticking nanoparticles together.
Research into the design of signal amplifiers for mobile phone masts could deliver a massive 200MW cut in the load on UK power stations, reducing C[O.sub.2] emissions by around 0.5 million tonnes a year.
While these amplifiers are intended to increase the output of a spectrum analyzer's tracking generator, they are also useful as general purpose wideband RF signal amplifiers. The TBMDA3 and TBMDA4 are ideal for driving near-field probes in order to find sensitive spots on electronic circuits, or for creating strong electric fields of up to 550V/m when driving TEM Cells.
Noise Figure - Small signal amplifiers such as LNA's used in satellite receiver applications require capacitors that exhibit high Q.
The results presented in this article allow designers to specify and measure the CDMA signal amplifiers using simple [IP.sub.3] and [IP.sub.5] descriptions.