Signal Lamp

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Signal Lamp


an electric light source used in various light indicating systems. A signal lamp may be a low-power incandescent lamp with a light filter or a colored (for example, green or red) plano-convex lens. Such signal lamps are used on switchboards, consoles, control panels, and other electrical equipment where indicating lights are required. Gas-discharge devices are often employed as signal lamps. Usually these devices are neon lamps, which provide an orange-red light. Neon lamps are more advantageous than incandescent lamps, because they consume less power and produce less heat yet provide adequate light.

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pilot light

1. A light which is associated with and indicative of the operation of a circuit, control, or device.
2. A small flame (which burns constantly) used to ignite the burner in a gas appliance.
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Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research's (ONR) TechSolutions program, FLTC features (1) a camera that can be mounted atop a signal lamp and hone in on Morse code bursts from another lamp within view, and (2) a hand-held device or laptop computer connected to this camera to display text messages sent and received.
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Although many people in the industry associate the name "Hella" with radiation in the visible spectrum (i.e., headlights and signal lamps), the Hella Electronics business is actively pursuing developments and programs based on different frequencies, such as LIDAR (light detection and ranging) and radar.

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