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Signum Health currently employs seven people, but is looking forward to expanding its team in the future.
Intimate and romantic, it's a wonderful spot for honeymooners and it's easy to see why Signum is still a hot spot for those in search of a little poetry in their lives.
From the magical atmosphere, excellent food and amazing open-air spa it's easy to see why Signum is still a hot destination for those in search of a little poetry in their lives.
Signum is a privately held biotech spinoff of Princeton University that develops analogs and mimetics of natural lipid ligands crucial to cellular regulation and signaling.
Suitable for use in legal metrology, the new Signum range of compact industrial scales comes in a choice of three innovative weighing technologies.
As with all Signum models, standard equipment includes colour sat-nav, 17-inch alloy wheels and electric front and rear windows.
Prices start from pounds 14,750 for the Vectra Exclusiv hatchback, pounds 15,750 for the Estate, and pounds 17,995 for the Signum Exclusiv.
One of the first things he'd be able to tell you now is the Signum is based on the same chassis as the Vectra Estate.
Signum fits into the company's range above the big-selling Vectra and is based on an extended chassis from that car - long wheelbase, short overhangs and a dome-shaped rear window giving Signum its distinctive style.
Vauxhall's Vectra and Signum models are in line for a makeover and more equipment, with no increase in prices.
The Signum RESM optical angle encoders make an ideal fit for direct drive rotary motors, eliminating position error and backlash while delivering speeds to over 3,600 rev/min, accuracy to [+ or -] 0.
Subject to the recall are the Vectra, Vectra Wagon and Signum models imported between last December and this July.