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Signal Processing, Analysis, and Display program. An environment with an associated programming language by Jan Carter of Argonne National Lab. Telephone +1 (312) 972 7250.




(1) (SIGnature) A text-based name and address appended to email and Usenet messages. The "sig block" is the complete signature, which may include a favorite quote or saying or even a logo made up of characters (see ASCII art).

(2) (Special Interest Group) A group of people who meet and share information about a particular topic of interest. It is usually a part of a larger group or association. See SIGGRAPH and SIGCAT.
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Merger with RedPrairie brings new SIG members, leadership to customer networking and product advocacy groups
Less than half of current and former SIG members (43 percent) were aware of the financial requirements to leave a SIG (reinsurance, bond or letter of credit)
I hope that the articles in this issue cause you to consider participation in one or more SIGs.
Creation of a model to be used for the exploration of the possible development of new SIGs.
published recognition as an Institutional SIG Sponsor in each issue of the SIG's newsletter.
Although SIGs can provide a wealth of support for members, from a coordinator's perspective, they can be challenging.
A SIG can be formed by ACM members who have the desire to pursue significant long-term activity in a specialty of ACM's interests.
Partnering with SIG deepens our understanding of how to unlock more value for our customers and keep them in a position of advantage.
So, what the RT SIG provides is the missing radiation link, while supporting the larger ONS organization.
In California, we've successfully grown our membership in workers comp SIGs primarily by direct marketing -- by signing up new members directly, through our own efforts.