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(inorganic chemistry)
Sin H2 n +2A class of silicon-based compounds analogous to alkanes, that is, straight-chain, saturated paraffin hydrocarbons; they can be gaseous or liquid. Also known as silicon hydride.
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any one of several compounds of silicon with hydrogen that have the general formula SinH2n+n (seeSILICON HYDRIDES).

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This result indicates that the addition of silane treated talc significantly increased thermal stability of PP at the beginning of the degradation stage.
Previous studies have shown that the silane film can be used as an adhesion promoter between organic coatings and metals substrates in order to improve corrosion resistance of the coatings.
In our previous paper [21], we successfully treated OPMF with methacrylate silane. FTIR spectra indicate that silane treated OPMF is less hydrophilic compared to unmodified OPMF.
The global silane market size is expected to reach USD 2.17 billion by 2025 registering a CAGR of 4.4%.
Figure 2 shows that the addition of am silane did not have any considerable effect on the compositions hardness, whereas the addition of sam and bsa silanes increased the Shore A hardness compared to the composition without a compatibilizer.
The results indicated the presence of a polymerized layer of the silane coupling agent on both the commercial and industrial GFs.
The dual reactivity of a coupling agent allows chemical bonding to both the filler and resin, there by forming a chemical bridge across the filler-resin interface thus improving mechanical strength and good retention of properties even under severe conditions [2124].These ingredients were pioneered in mid-1940s in the form of methacrylato-chromium chloride complex with vinyl silanes. Numerous new silane coupling agents [Table 1] have been developed later that afford higher strengths in the resulting composites and reactivity with a wider range of resins.
Sea Lion is a contract chemical manufacturer that has worked with Momentive to produce silane products, including NXT silane, for more than ten years.
Walia et al improved flexible polyurethane foams by adding hydrolysable silanes to the foam formulation.
Objectives: To evaluate the effect of silane application and silane heat treatment on lithium-disilicate ceramic when bonded to composite resin.