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a genus of plants of the family Caryophyllaceae. The plants are annual or perennial herbs and, less frequently, sub-shrubs. The flowers are solitary or in dichasia, which are gathered in larger panicled or spicate inflorescences. The calyx is gamophyllous. The white, greenish, pink, or purple corolla often has a crown. There are five petals; the ovary usually has three styles. The fruit is a capsule.

There are approximately 400 species, distributed in the northern and temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, predominantly in the Mediterranean region. About 180 species are found in the USSR. The genus includes a number of annual weeds, for example, 5. dichotoma. S. vulgaris, a perennial having a swollen calyx and a white corolla, commonly grows in meadows and thickets; sometimes it grows as a weed among crops. Several species are ornamentals, including the annuals S. coeli-rosa and S. pendula and their numerous varieties and the perennials S. acaulis and S. schafta, which form matty clumps in rocky places.


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Silena International SpA specialises in automated gamma radiation detection systems, capable of detecting materials such as Cs-137, Co-60 and other gamma emitting radionuclides.
Zilvinas Silenas and Vytautas Zukauskas present an overview of the functioning of the concept of scarcity in contemporary economic thought as well as its relation to the concepts of property, value, and innovations.
CUMMINS posed problems for a backline that looked vulnerable in the air, with defender Joe Shaughnessy levelling an early strike from Russian Maksim Maksimov, before a wonder goal from Vaidotas Silenas four minutes later deflated the Perth crowd.
Strikes from Maksim Maksimov and red-card sinner Vaidotas Silenas leave Wright's men with a mountain to climb in next week's return.
We let Silenas score a wonder goal but the build up was total naivety."
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The hosts always dominated and, in a repeat of last week's opening leg, repeatedly targeted suspect left-back Vaidotas Silenas who was left bamboozled throughout.
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After conceding an early goal through Maksim Maksimov, an equaliser from Joe Shaughnessy should have signalled better than a result that was sealed by Vaidotas Silenas to leave the visitors knowing the job is more than half done.
But four minutes later came another massive blow when Silenas took a pass from Dorley and drilled a left-foot 25-yarder high past Clark.