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Em Os sete gatinhos, o personagem doutor Bordalo demonstra isso, pois resiste as investidas de 'Seu' Noronha para que prostitua Silene. O medico recusa-se dizendo que nao poderia fazer isso, pois tem uma filha da mesma idade, e continua: "[...] se eu tocasse em voce eu nao poderia beijar minha filha nunca mais [...]" (Rodrigues, 2004, p.
According to GC-MS results, ethanol and acetic acid was detected 96.89% and 0.11 respectively, the ethanolic extracts of Silene cariensis subsp cariensis, but any of the essential oil was detected.
The Silene Collection is informed by the fluidity and complexity of natural systems.
fallax, Dethawia splendens, Jasione cavanillesii and Silene ciliata lead us to include this association in the Cantabrian alliance Armerion cantabricae, the Cantabrian vicariant of Primulion intricatae.
Of the 27 reported Caryophyllaceae species in the country, five belong to the genus Silene.
Silene latifolia Poiret [= Silene alba (Miller) Krause] is a dioecious, perennial plant found in disturbed areas along roadsides and fields.
L'image du silene met donc en place un cadre qui permet au lecteur d'articuler une critique de l'obsession oculaire et de l'attitude sophistique d'Alcofribas.
As an example of a pathosystem with metapopulation dynamics we investigated the impact of inbreeding in the host plant Silene alba on its interaction with the anthersmut fungus Microbotryum violaceum.
Plato's metaphor of the silene figurines and of Socrates as Marsyas, also contributed to Renaissance art.
In an archipelago along the coast of the Bothnian Sea in northern Sweden, the perennial, dioecious, and insect-pollinated herb Silene dioica (L.) Clairv (Caryophyllaceae) is often infected with the sterilizing anther-smut fungus Microbotryum violaceum (Bradenburger and Schwinn) G.
Penetrant sprays, using the relatively diminutive molecular weight of silane/ silene repellents, are capable of insinuating themselves deep within exterior wall material.
There are various versions of his Acta, one saying that he was a tribune and that he was asked to come and subdue a dragon that infested a pond at Silene, Libya, and fed on the dwellers in the neighborhood.