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In an adjacent gallery, Venda--logo da memoria falha (Sale--Faulty Memory Game), 2013, a work using a multilayered silk-screen process applied to nine plywood panels, presented images of street sellers by the nineteenth-century painter and printmaker jean-Baptiste Debret on one side and Redondo's own photographs of itinerant beach vendors on the other.
The silk-screen process required the paint to be baked onto the bottle after the decoration had been applied, and since the bottles have already been baked once at the time of manufacture, the second bake was cracking some of the bottles.
His visit to the gallery coincides with the launch of his new collection of limited edition prints, entitled Monroe Lisa and Penny Black, which are printed using the silk-screen process.
The collection includes four sets of colored cylindrical vases made from mouth-blown glass, coated with three layers of glass, crackled off cold, and featuring Rashid's contemporary icons applied with a glossy enamel silk-screen process.
In Bradbury's shop, rolls of paper are still stretched out on long tables and craftspeople painstakingly layer on paint and designs in a silk-screen process, duplicating traditional methods.
For the silk-screen process to work well, the final portrait needed to be black and white with few middle tones.
featured new 125-line, four-color silk-screen process decals and new thermochromatic inks at its NPE '94 exhibit.
The starting point is Merian's painstaking engravings, whose exactness Fries preserves by using a silk-screen process to print them, or images of the jacket of the modern edition of them, directly on the wood panel, or, in one section, by inserting them through elements of collage.