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Also Morecambe and Wise or Miranda Hart, French and Saunders or John Cleese doing a silly walk.
He said: "I'm glad I won't have to do the silly walk sketch, which I never thought was as funny as everybody else did.
CLASSIC SKETCH: John Cleese performs his famous silly walk
23 ( ANI ): Television viewers in Britain have accused the BBC of 'airbrushing history' after it aired an edited episode of Fawlty Towers, best remembered for the line 'Don't mention the war' and John Cleese's silly walk when impersonating Hitler.
Ronaldo, who posed recently with just a leaf covering his meat and two veg, was deeply offended by Basil's silly walk.
So walking home at night, I often silly walk, just because it feels good to stretch.
That's what's so great about the Sport Relief Mile, you can run, walk, silly walk, one mile, three miles, six miles.
I will be gratuitously rude to all of you in turn, starting with Mr K Smith of Selly Park, who has a silly walk and terrible taste in curtains.
He said: "e one thing I'm glad I won't have to do is the silly walk sketch, which I never thought was as funny as everybody else did and I pointed out to Terry Jones, I think it was his idea, the only reason it became so iconic was the brilliance of my performance because I never thought it was a very good sketch".
HE'S probably best known for his silly walk - and maybe his fondness for younger lady friends - but comedy legend John Cleese is clearly a bit of a culture vulture too.
John Cleese is a senior civil servant showing off how to get a grant for a silly walk.
John Cleese's silly walk provided an early highlight for BBC2