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see compass plantcompass plant
or rosinweed,
large, coarse North American perennial herb (Silphium laciniatum) of the family Asteraceae (aster family), found chiefly in open grasslands. The deeply cut leaves tend to point north and south.
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prarie dock

prarie dock

Yellow daisy-type flowers on tall leafless stem that can reach 10 ft (3m), taller than a person with HUGE heart/spade shaped thick, coarse, sandpapery leaves around base of plant. Top of young leaves shiny. Stalk can be green or reddish pink. Has smelly gummy sap that smells like turpentine and can be used as chewing gum to freshen breath and prevent nausea. Related to cup plant. Young leaves and shoots used in salads, roots used medicinally for fever, asthma, spleen, heart, liver, gallbladder, bile, cholesterol, antiseptic, stopping bleeding (astringent), ulcers, heavy menstrual periods, bruising, rheumatism.