Silvestr Silvestrovich Gogotskii

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Gogotskii, Sil’vestr Sil’vestrovich


Born Jan. 5 (17), 1813; died June 29 (July 11), 1889. Russian idealist philosopher. Professor at the Kiev Divinity School (1841–51) and at the University of Kiev (1851–86).

Gogotskii undertook a critical reevaluation of Hegelian and other idealistic systems from the standpoint of Christianity. Gogotskii’s idealism was severely criticized by the Russian materialists of the 1860’s. M. Antonovich characterized Gogotskii’s philosophy as one of extreme mysticism. D. Pisarev called it a “dead doctrine” (Soch., vol. 1, 1955, p. 124). Gogotskii’s Philosophical Lexicon (vols. 1–4; 1857–73) was one of the first attempts in Russia to create a philosophical dictionary.


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