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Pellico, Silvio


Born June 25, 1789, in Saluzzo; died Jan. 31, 1854, in Turin. Italian writer.

Pellico took part in the Risorgimento. His tragedy Francesca da Rimini (1815; Russian translation, 1861) expressed heroic and patriotic themes. In 1818 and 1819 he edited the progressive journal Il Conciliatore. In 1820, as a participant in a Carbonari conspiracy, he was sentenced to death, but the sentence was commuted to 15 years’ imprisonment in the Spielberg fortress. Freed in 1830, he abandoned political activity. Pellico’s autobiography, Le mie prigioni (My Prisons, 1832; Russian translation, 1836), a work imbued with inner dignity and stoic patience, was praised by A. S. Pushkin. It was translated into many languages and contributed to the development of the Italian national liberation movement.


Scritti scelti. Turin, 1960.
In Russian translation:
Ob obiazannostiakh cheloveka. St. Petersburg, 1895.


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In 1832, the Italian poet and writer Silvio Pellico published a book about his experiences as a prisoner in the Spielberg Fortress in Slovakia.