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town (1991 pop. 15,539), S Ont., Canada, on the Lynn River SW of Hamilton. It is a market center for a region producing fruit, vegetables, and tobacco. There are food-processing and canning plants in Simcoe.
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Ben O'Sullivan Russell Dykstra Steve O'Sullivan Anthony Simcoe Pete O'Sullivan Denis Moore Zoe Sparks Pia Miranda Mary O'Sullivan Judi Farr Liz O'Sullivan Helen Dallimore Fred, a priest Alan Dukes With "The Unlikely Prospect of Happiness," Australia's best-funded theater company, which has been criticized as unadventurous by various respected critics in recent years, receives an energy boost from former soap thesp Jeremy Sims.
The Seminar, which had been held annually since 1975 in such tranquil locations as Niagara-on-the-Lake and Geneva Park, a convention centre on Lake Simcoe, was owned and operated by an organization of high-school teachers known as the Ontario Film Association (OFA).
Bass Peter McGillivray (John Graves Simcoe) stood out among a talented student cast that also included fine performances from soprano Saemi Chang (Seth's native wife, Atahentsic) and mezzo-soprano Joni Henson (Elizabeth Postuma Simcoe).
Authorities like the first lieutenant governor, John Simcoe, and Peter Russell, administrator of the colony at the turn of the 19Lh century believed that property added to a man's dignity and influence (p.1 72) and frequently awarded large tracts of land to deserving individuals.
The association, which specializes in small business development and tourism, covers Simcoe North, an area stretching from the north end of Barrie to just south of Gravenhurst, and stretching east from Christian Island over to Gamebridge.
There many settled in the Peterborough area, North Simcoe County, and other parts of Ontario.
A review of the literature suggests that unemployment and underemployment are significant problems for people with MS as well as for people with epilepsy (Fraser, Glazer, & Simcoe, 1992; Hall, Rohaly, & Schneider, 1992; Long, Glueckauf, & Rasmussen, 1998).
ELIZABETH SIMCOE was 25 when she arrived for the first time in Upper Canada in mid-1792.
Should you get fed up with that little lot and hanker for the wide-open spaces, an hour's drive from Toronto is The Briars Country Club and Resort on the banks of Lake Simcoe.
Charles Doty and Annell Simcoe still are the only ones teaching vocational-technical education courses at Rutgers.
He worked as an editor in Ottawa before retiring to a farm near Simcoe.
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