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Most synagogues in the West observe two separate festivals, Shmini Hag Ha'Atseret and Simhat Torah.
In the Sefardi custom, Simhat Torah celebrations include hakafot (circumambulations) around the tebah with the Torah scrolls during the evening, morning, and afternoon services.
Maariv for Simhat Torah ends with hakafot, during which the Torah scrolls are removed from the ark and taken around the synagogue seven times.
Under the influence of the women's movement, there has been some effort in recent years to conduct women's hakafot with the Torah scrolls on Simhat Torah in some traditional synagogues.
But, apparently, if they dance in the synagogue on Simhat Torah while holding Torah scrolls, the only explanation available to Kaufman and those whom he represents is that they are motivated by masculo-feminism.
Yet, the formal services never quite satisfied his need for religious intensity, and, on the joyous festival of Simhat Torah, which marks the end as well as the beginning of the annual liturgical cycle of reading the Torah, he would slip out early to visit one of the four East European shtiblakh (prayer houses) in the city to savor the fervor of their unadorned piety.