Simion Stoilov

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Stoilov, Simion


Born Sept. 14, 1887, in Bucharest; died there Apr. 4, 1961. Rumanian mathematician. Member of the Rumanian Academy.

In 1949, Stoilov was appointed the first director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Rumanian Academy. His principal works are concerned with the topological theory of functions of a complex variable.


In Russian translation:
Teoriia funktsii kompleksnogo peremennogo, vols. 1–2. Moscow, 1962.
Lektsii o topologicheskikh printsipakh teorii analiticheskikh funktsii. Moscow, 1964.
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Agency : Institutul de Matematica Simion Stoilow al Academiei Romane
The University of Bucharest counted among its Professors some distinguished mathematicians, like Octav Onicescu (Probability Theory), Miron Nicolescu (Mathematical Analysis), Gheorghe Vranceanu (Geometry), Nicolae Theodorescu (Differential Equations), Simion Stoilow (Complex Variables), all of them former students of great mathematicians from France or Italy.
Of course, due to mathematicians like David Emmanuel, Traian Lalescu, Simion Stoilow, Alexandru Myller, Gheorghe Titeica, Dimitrie Pompeiu, Gheorghe Vranceanu, Miron Nicolescu, Grigore C.