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Fraser, Simon,

1776–1862, Canadian explorer and fur trader. Born in Bennington, Vt., he was taken to Canada as a child. He entered the service of the North West CompanyNorth West Company,
fur-trading organization in North America in the late 18th and early 19th cent.; it was composed of Montreal trading firms and fur traders. Formation
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 in 1792, and in 1801 he was made a partner. In 1805 he was chosen to inaugurate the company's operations beyond the Rocky Mts., and after exploring and establishing trading posts on the upper reaches of the Fraser River, he and John Stuart and 20 companions explored (1808) the same river to tidewater. It was one of the most difficult and dangerous exploration trips on record in North America. He was disappointed to discover that the river he had explored was not the Columbia as he had hoped. In 1811, Fraser was placed in charge of the important Red River department of his company, where he came into conflict with the earl of SelkirkSelkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th earl of,
1771–1820, Scottish philanthropist, founder of the Red River Settlement.
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 over the Red River Settlement. Fraser's journals of the expedition were edited by W. K. Lamb (1960).

Fraser, Simon:

see Lovat, Simon Fraser, 11th BaronLovat, Simon Fraser, 11th Baron
, 1675?–1747, Scottish nobleman and Jacobite conspirator. The nephew of the 9th baron, he and his father contested the passing of the title to his cousin Amelia.
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