Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

highly effective, sentimental Abolitionist novel. [Am. Lit.: Jameson, 513]
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As with all true melodrama the villain must account for the most horrendous action and in Uncle Tom's Cabin we have Simon Legree, the cruel and pathological slave master.
Upon Eva's death, Uncle Tom enters a new realm of spiritual maturity enabling him to persevere through his trial unto death at the hands of Simon Legree.
Philip Barton Key (the prosecutor in the Drayton case) then confronted Daniel Drayton with the accusation that his actions in Stealing other men's property were worse than those of Simon Legree (the evil slaveholder in Uncle Tom's Cabin who eventually beats the slave, Tom, to death) because Drayton broke the law referred to by Foote, whereas Legree was entitled to conduct himself in any manner he chose towards his legal property.
They aren't Simon Legree -- they don't stand over people in the plants and say "work you dogs," and whip them.
Some of its characters and scenes have still not entirely vanished from the general consciousness: the incorrigible Topsy, who `just growed', the sadistic slave-driver Simon Legree, Eliza's escape to freedom with her baby across the ice on the Ohio River and the goodhearted, Uncle Tom himself, whose name was to become a term of contempt.
Excuse us for mentioning the "L" word, but unless you happen to be a modern-day Simon Legree, you probably take no pleasure in laying off an employee.
10 Southern use of the Bible to defend the enslavement of Africans was so widespread that Harriet Beecher Stow parodied it in Uncle Tom's Cabin when Simon Legree taunted Tom, "Here, you rascal, you make believe to be so pious - didn't you never hear, out of yer Bible, 'Servants, obey yer masters'?
Clare's moral ambivalence, signified by his procrastination of freeing Tom, leads Tom to the other extreme of the slave institution, the home of Simon Legree.
On one hand, we imagine a cruel Simon Legree whipping pale children, their skinny bodies contorted with fear and overwork.
One of these was her adept characterization of a whole world of whites and blacks who find themselves gripped by slavery, many of whose names have entered the American language as expressions--not only Uncle Tom himself but Simon Legree and, to a lesser extent, little Eva and the black child Topsy.
The Dumb Show plays a cross between melodrama and a Punch-and-Judy show, with a hand-puppet King, and Wilson sporting a black cape and Simon Legree sneer; Hamlet's decision to "put and antic disposition on" is rendered as a diary entry, interrupted by a lazzo with an imaginary buzzing fly, his writing utensils an improbably-large feather - chosen, it seems, for the very fact that it tickles his nose when he writes.
Would things have been different had we told Caterpillar to quit acting like the Simon Legree of the business world, or said the UAW should say thanks and sign the contract?