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Simon's Town



(sī`mənztoun), town, now part of City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality, Western Cape prov., SW South Africa, on False Bay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a seaside resort and a station of the South African navy; industry centers around ship construction and repair. There is also a fishing industry, and fish oil is processed.

Simon's Town was founded by the Dutch in 1741 as a naval depot and named for Simon van der Stel, governor of Cape Colony from 1679 to 1697. In 1814 the town became the headquarters of the British South Atlantic squadron. In 1957 the base was turned over to South Africa. For a time Simon's Town took on renewed strategic importance when the Suez Canal was closed after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The oldest English church (consecrated 1814; rebuilt 1834) in South Africa is in Simon's Town.

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Siemens' historic relationship with the city goes back many decades to 1860, when it developed the first telegraph line between Cape Town and Simonstown. But it didn't end there.
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At the height of nineteenth-century Niger Delta commercial conflicts, Britain mobilised gunboats from her naval base at Simonstown, South Africa, "to carry out manoeuvres and make naval demonstrations at Opobo, Bonny, and Forcados...
Diplomats opposed the South African proposal, although Navy officials began negotiations on the Simonstown naval base.
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On the leg of the journey from Simonstown in the Cape to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, a violent storm took away the ship's foremast and subsequently fire broke out in one of the holds.
O segundo foi o Simonstown Agreement (12), que tinha o comando unificado com o South Atlantic Command, que era representado por uma autoridade britanica escolhida pela Royal Navy (PENHA, 2009).
And she could also have drawn upon Adiel Davids" The Imam and the Diary (1904-1928) (2013) that tells a fascinating tale of the Imam's diary that captured the events that took place in and beyond Simonstown; for example the Imam's diary made reference to the 'seedies" (i.e.
(5.) In the Cape Town hamlet of Simonstown the bronze sculpture of the famous Great Dane, Able Seaman Just Nuisance, shows similar signs of the human perception of the creature's figurative significance impacting on its figural form.